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Plucked String Ensembles
Carlo Aonzo, soloist and conductor

by Prof. Antonio Scuderi


The Laboratorio Musicale a Pizzico of Savona is a chamber ensemble of plucked instruments. Its founder and director, Carlo Aonzo, is a mandolinist of international acclaim.

The orchestra prides itself in its unique and vibrant performances. Its musical interpretations are based on a total commitment to historical accuracy, as well as an exploration of the cultural roots of the mandolin and of plucked string orchestras.

The group's repertoire represents a rediscovery of forgotten works of significant artistic merit by great composers. These various works, that have proven to be greatly appreciated by modern audiences, include: sonatas, Baroque symphonies, concerts, serenades, opera arias and oratorios.

Lesser known artists stand alongside Vivaldi, Handel, Hasse, and even Mozart in representing the great popularity that the Baroque genre had in the churches, courts, concert halls, and salons of the eighteenth century. This music is presented by the ensemble in a unique way, adapted to plucked strings.

The Laboratorio Musicale a Pizzico is a chamber ensemble of mandolins, mandolas, guitars, spinet, and string bass. Its members play in the Orchestra a Pizzico Ligure (Ligurian Plucked String Orchestra) that recorded "Vivaldi - Concerti per mandolino, Concerti per orchestra." A review of the CD (in Italian), along with an interview with Maestro Aonzo, who discusses the group's repertoire, may be found here. Musical excerpts on MP3 are also available at this site.

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