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The Carlo Aonzo Mandolin Workshop                      Accademia>>

Since 2001, Carlo Aonzo has come to New York City every year to spread his vision of Italian style mandolin. With grace, charm, and patience, he teaches and illustrates his style and technique. Attendees at his workshops learn in a warm and supportive, but challenging environment.

  2006 Aonzo Workshop
Photo by Lynn Padwe

Music is distributed months in advance so students can prepare the material. Then, at the workshop, Carlo teaches finer points of nuance, style, dynamics, and ensemble playing.

The workshop runs for three full days On the first day, Carlo teaches a class on Technique and Exercises. The rest of the workshop is devoted to Manodlin Orchestra. Music played at the workshop includes works from all the major periods of mandolin music. We also play repertoire for bowed instruments as well as contemporary compositions for mandolin. Attendees of past workshops have enjoyed playing music by Bach, Barbella, Bottacchiari, Calace, Denis, Falbo, Gervasio, Giuliani, Kioulaphides, Mozart, Munier, Principe, Romaldi, Telemann, and of course Vivaldi.

Attendees have unanimously praised Carlo and the workshop (see some comments at right and below).

The workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced mandolinists. Beginners may be accepted but should inquire as to suitablility before registering.

We hope you will join us in New York for the next workshop.

The 2012 Workshop

The 2012 workshop will be held the weekend of March 29th - April 1st in Manhattan. Advance reservations are required. For more information, please email Chaim Caron.

Latest Attendees' Comments

Best part of the workshop: "Carlo's spectacular guidance as always." "This is my 3rd year and now it feels like a community of friends who really come together to play and forget everything else..."


"... playing under Carlo's directorship and hearing him play will never be forgotten."


he best part of the workshop was " Playing some new (to me) and beautiful mandolin orchestra pieces with dedicated people and with Carlo's direction...""It is a rare treat to hear classical mandolin playing of the calibre of Carlo. It is inspiring and expands our minds to the possibilities of the instrument as well as being so very beautiful."


"Kudos - Bravissimo to you for a job well done. I couldn't find one thing that I didn't think went well. It was so well organized, and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop..."


..."As always, things proceeded smoothly, the quality of instruction was very high, the tone appropriately serious, yet light and fun."


"Connecting and reconnecting with the kindred spirits of the workshop is always wonderful, a very addictive experience". "My expectations are always high, and this workshop exceeds them every time."


"Carlo was a warm, gracious and humorous instructor, and I got more technique in the two hour technique session than I had gotten in two years of studying from books and videos. I felt very at ease and welcome in the group, despite that it was my first time. I had a great time!"


"It's the quality of Carlo's musicianship and vision that makes this experience truly significant."


"The quality of our playing at the final rehearsals and at the recital made me very joyful."

D. W.

"The whole atmosphere has evolved into such musical inspiration...Carlo brings the whole package...player /performer/conductor...you are inspired to be a better mandolin player/ performer/ musician"

D. F.


Comments in the Press:

"His impact and influence among mandolin aficionados worldwide has brought him acclaim and honors…his delicate, ringing, sonorous round-backed classical mandolin sound set him apart [from other competitors at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas] as having the greatest mastery of the instrument…

– David McCarty, Mandolin Magazine, Spring 2005

"Carlo…was a sensitive and patient teacher…He inspired us all to put forward our best efforts– and the result was a day filled with learning, camaraderie, and the joy of making music together.

– Anne Rivera, Mandolin Magazine, Spring 2005

"I was…very impressed from hearing and studying with a warm compassionate musician. Carlo is…full of fire and has great technique that's been honed through years of study…with his father and the great Ugo Orlandi."

– Terry Pender, Mandolin Quarterly, September 2001

"I found [Carlo] to be an absolutely charming young man, unassuming, but confident and thoroughly knowledgeable… Was it worth…the hassle [of New York City traffic]? Absolutely…Carlo will be holding workshops. I highly recommend them!"

– Antonina Nigrelli, The Mandolin Journal, August 2001

Attendees' Comments

This event will be a touchstone of my mandolin year into the future.

SCT, Hadley, Massachusetts

I think the highlight was seeing a piece develop from sets of notes into a cohesive musical expression.

D.W., Calgary, Alberta

It was wonderful to have new works to perform as part of the orchestra repertoire, especially with [composer Victor Kioulaphides] in attendance. It was evident that the classical mandolin community not only has a rich past but also a bright future with new pieces being written specifically for the mandolin.

L. B., professional musician, Milwaukee, WI

The farther the time from the workshop, the more I appreciate it as I go back to the music and remember how it was interpreted, and reach for my goal: to play it to its full potential.

P.C., professional musician, Wayne, NJ

Carlo's interpretation of the music is exquisitely sensitive, and he imparts an energy that brings out the best performance of each musician. He knows how to command what's right for the music, without compromise, while encouraging the players to overcome their difficulties with humor and grace.

E.A., Melbourne Beach, FL

The workshop moved along at a good, but not punishing pace. All of the operational factors seemed to proceed smoothly, evidence of good planning and flexible but firm control. The organizers' enthusiasm for the music and for the mandolin comes across unmistakably.

CB, New York, NY

Carlo is, of course, a unique artist, whose virtuosity is only matched by his boundless generosity and communicative skills. We are privileged indeed to have him among us!

V.K., professional musician, New York, NY

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